Usability Jobs Before you submit your application to Visuals for usability jobs, please take a moment to read the following Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of placement does Visuals handle? We represent professionals for contract, direct-hire, and contract-to-hire usability jobs. All of the professionals we represent are W-2 employees of Visuals and not Corp. to Corp. or independent contractors (which some of our contracts prohibit).

Are you hiring now? Will I stay busy once I register? Visuals constantly seeks qualified professionals for usability jobs. We canít guarantee your work volume; however, people who have current skills and strong work experience generally work the most.

What types of clients does Visuals have? Visualsí clients encompass the entire spectrum in size and diversity of Bay Area businesses, from web 2.0 startups to Fortune 500 enterprise software developers. Our service area includes San Francisco, San Jose, Silicon Valley, the Peninsula, and the East Bay.

How do I demonstrate my capabilities? Applicants are asked to bring their portfolios (or URLs), resumes, and references. They are given the opportunity to outline their experience and employment objectives in a private interview.

Is off-site work available? Yes, occasionally, there are off-site projects, but this is not the norm. Most of our opportunities require working on-site, Monday to Friday.

How much can I expect to earn? Rates vary based on requirements. Our contractors generally earn from $40.00 - $75.00 per hour. The pay rate usually depends more on the requirements of the project than on the experience of the consultant.

Do I pay a fee to Visuals? No, we do not charge a fee to the designers we represent. Our fee is paid by the employers who contract Visuals to provide design professionals to them.

When do I get paid? Consultants are paid weekly. Our week runs from Monday through Sunday, and payroll is processed each Monday. Consultants submit hours (i.e. a timecard) from the previous week by 10:00 a.m. each Monday (by e-mail, fax, mail, or drop off) in order to receive a check on Wednesday.

If Monday is a major holiday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidentsí Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.), the payroll schedule is delayed one day. Timecards are due on Tuesday and checks are available on Thursday.

Do I get paid for overtime? Visualsí represents our contractors as W-2 employees who are eligible for overtime (i.e., any hours worked over 8 hours in one day; or over 40 hours in a single week) and double time (i.e., any hours worked over 12 hours in one day), in accordance with California law. However, overtime must generally be approved in advance by the client.

What if my question isnít answered here? If we havenít answered your question here, please send us a message at inform [at] visuals [dot] com.


Talent Represented :
Content Strategist
Information Architect
Interaction Designer
Usability Researcher
User Experience Designer
User Experience Management User Interface Designer
Visual Designer
Web Designer
Web Developer



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